Zacatepec v North Dublin SL – Junior Section Match Report

Jul 29, 2015 | Junior Section | 0 comments

An immediate shot in the opening minutes came from North Dublin’s number 11 Sam Nugent, gathered with ease by the competent Zacatepec keeper, Ernesto Balcazar, who did well to prevent his side from conceding to an initially dominant North Dublin side.

Zacatepec’s star player of the game, number 611 Emanuel Ordaz Urbina shone from the off, but was unable to break through the N.Dublin defence, and a great ball from North Dublin’s number 4 Peter Adiqun provided an early threat for the Mexican side to contend with, but his effort was unfortunate to be intercepted.

With mainly end to end football and both sides maintaining possession at times, the chances in the first half came primarily from the North Dublin side, when number 6 Jordan Maguire burst out wide and sent the ball spiralling into the arms of the keeper before taking on another shot, struggling to defeat the defensive prowess of the Zacatepec keeper.

Zacatepec’s number 611 Emanuel went in for another chance, sending a powerful shot into the hands of the awaiting N.Dublin keeper Liam Woodcock, with number 603 Imanol doing well to prevent North Dublin from reaching the danger zone.

Number 609 for Zacatepec came on as a substitute deep into the first half, and immediately helped to increase the pace of the game leading up to the first goal of the match which came from the outstanding Emanuel, who rocketed the ball past the keeper and into the far post to send the ecstatic Mexicans into a first-half lead in Castlerock.

The beginning of the second half saw the magnificent 611 Emanuel lob another ball into the goal, only this time to be offside, and North Dublin had their chance with a ball from Maguire out to number 11, Nugent, but the opposition’s goalkeeper maintained his clean sheet.

Excellent link-up play from N.Dublin’s Maguire, Peat and Yassine-En-Neyah travelled wide, and the Dubs were unlucky not to equalise.

The thriller second goal of the game was rifled into the box by 414, Ariel following an assist from number 615 Emanuel Gutierrez Medina, and this was to be the last of the game, with the fixture ending Zacatepec 2-0 North Dublin SL.

Match Report by Nicole McNicholl