Child Protection Policy

SuperCupNI have produced our own “Safeguarding Policy.”

SuperCupNI believe we all have a role in safeguarding the welfare of young people and by encouraging clubs to implement best practice standards everyone involved in the tournament will benefit – young people, parents/guardians and coaches.

Three documents are available for download below:

What Clubs Should Do…

SuperCupNI expect clubs to be able to demonstrate their commitment to safeguarding by ensuring their representatives abide by the SuperCupNI Safeguarding Policy. It will be the responsibility of the club manager to co-ordinate dissemination of the UEFA Fair Play Code of Ethics for Player and SCNI Code of Conduct (in handbook).

We have also produced information to be provided directly to young players at the tournament while in Northern Irelad coaches/representatives to assist your club in developing a culture where a young person can feel safe and a parent/guardian knows that your club priorities the welfare of their young person.

For further information please contact the SuperCupNI Designated Safeguarding Officer:

Jim Sandford