Partick Thistle vs Fermanagh – Premier section match report

Jul 27, 2015 | Premier Section | 0 comments

In the initial stages of play, Fermanagh demonstrated good attacking from their number 16 Caolan Ward, forcing Partick Thistle to defend early on. Fermanagh looked threatening when number 8 Conall Quinn rifled a free kick over the bar and the Partick goalie was forced into an early save. Number 10 Eoghan Curran made attempts to break through the solid Thistle defence but with not much luck.

A great ball in from Partick’s number 19 Connor Higgins began their impressive offensive display, but with no one to collect the ball, nothing materialised.
Superb link up from Thistle’s number 8 Jamie McPhee and 3 Mark Lamont, led to a shot on target which was then flagged offside.

Fermanagh’s impressive number 16 Ward then drove the ball just wide and valiantly attempted to finish, whilst Thistle’s number 7 Neil McLaughlin started off his impressive display in the first half with great attacking play alongside Lamont.

However, at this stage both sides were hesitant, and neither appeared to be able to break through the other defence in the midst of the slippery, difficult conditions.
Ward continued to attack well for the Fermanagh lads, but it was Thistle who took the lead when their number 5 Alexander Lynn hurtled a shot into the far post just before half time to send the Scottish team into pole position in Portstewart. Another close shave for Fermanagh forced them to defend valiantly, but the first half ended with Thistle leading by 1 goal to 0.


The second half began with a solid start from Fermanagh’s number 16 Ward, who drove his shot just wide, and Thistle proved strong with good solid pace from number 19 Higgins, whilst the consistent threat of McLaughlin forced Fermanagh’s number 4 Philip Beacom to clear before sending a well-worked shot over the defensive wall just and just wide.

A more settled Fermanagh gained their first corner of the game well into the second half with a great pass from number 9 Kyle Coalter to number 10 Eoghan Curran, proving Fermanagh were getting themselves back into the game.  However, it was Thistle who extended their lead, when an impressive second goal came from fantastic attacking play by number 3 Lamont and scorer McLaughlin, who drove the ball into the far post following an assist from number 19, Higgins.

Another attempt by McLaughlin in the closing minutes epitomised his fine display.
Fermanagh finally managed to register on the score sheet in the closing minutes with a superb assist from Kyle Coalter, Fermanagh’s number 9, settling with number 17 Jacob Britton, who landed a wonderful strike into the far post to claw back to a 2-1 score line.  However, despite defiant attempts from a persistent Fermanagh side, it was Partick Thistle who took the 2-1 win at the Warren.

Nicole McNicholl