Junior Section: Swindon Town 1-1 Colina

Jul 28, 2016 | Junior Section | 0 comments

Today’s fixture in Limavady ended in deadlock for Colina and Swindon at 1-1 apiece.

Colina’s Brito and Lopez started well to keep possession and toy with their opposition, whilst Suarez proved he was up for it from the off.  It was Swindon’s Edwards, however who formulated the first chance but the shot was unfortunate to curl wide.  Barrales and Calderon’s determination to intercept paid off in the opening minutes of the game, whilst a superb Zencovich started his excellent game off by accompanying Espina to press the Swindon defense.

The first goal was a sublime hit from Wells, who read the keeper’s movements carefully and took advantage to put Swindon in pole position in Roe Mill.  

A defensively strong Brito and a hard working Kempiau sought to keep Colina’s spirits up despite trailing, and Carvajal threatened but was unable to break through the unshakable Swindon defence  in the opening stages of the game.  Swindon’s King made himself available to challenge a wonderful first touch from Calderon whilst Wells and Edwards continued to impress around the box for the Englishmen.  Zencovich continued Colina’s quest for an equaliser whilst only managing to find the keeper.  Again an excellent King put in the graft to attempt to dispel any threat that came Swindon’s way, but great link-up play from Zencovich alongside Alvarado and Suarez constructed the equaliser for Colina, when the hard-working Calderon clipped the ball in to put an ecstatic Colina side back into the game.  

Coming into the second half following a first half result of equal standing, Swindon played well from the off, with Bancroft putting his stamp on the pace of the game, Holland’s killer strike unlucky to spiral wide, and Wiggett and Drag performing well to retain possession for Swindon.  

In the latter stages of the game Swindon were hungry for another, but whilst Swann-McBride and Wells did their best to break through, the plucky Colina defense stood firm to hold the draw and the fixture culminated in a 1-1 share of the spoils in Limavady.