Junior & Premier Section Fixtures, Venues and Kick Off Times Released

The fixtures for the 2023 SuperCupNI Premier and Junior sections have been confirmed. Over the first three days, 48 games of football will take place, with some of the world’s best academy sides descending upon Northern Ireland.

Tournament chairperson Victor Leonard said with less than 50 days until kick off, everyone is looking forward to what promises to be an intriguing week of football.

“We are of course celebrating our 40th anniversary this year and we believe that the line up in the Junior and Premier section is one of the strongest in recent years. We were absolutely delighted to secure the participation of the likes of Manchester United, Rangers, Brighton and Hove Albion, West Ham United and Newcastle United.

“The tournament also provides our local sides with an opportunity to test themselves against some of the very best and the draw saw a number of mouth-watering fixtures for our County sides.

“Over the last number of weeks we have been keeping in touch with all of the teams from across the world coming to the tournament and they are all incredibly excited to come to Northern Ireland for what promises to be a football extravaganza.

“The matches will take place across 14 venues across three council areas and after record breaking crowds in 2022, we are anticipating bumper crowds at each of the venues once again this summer.”

SuperCupNI 2022 Junior Section Winners Manchester United

MONDAY 24th July 2023 (JUNIOR)
3:30, Co Armagh v Co Londonderry, Castlerock
4:00, Co Down v Co Tyrone, Anderson Park, Coleraine
4:00, Co Antrim v Kilmarnock, Chimney Corner, Antrim
3:00, Co Fermanagh v St Mirren, Parker Avenue, Portrush
4:00, FC America v Stevenage, The Heights
4:00, Prospects2Pro Acad v West Ham Utd, Riada Stadium
3:00, Donegal Schools v Rangers, Coleraine Showgrounds
3:00, Plymouth Arg v Charlton Ath, The Warren, Portstewart

TUESDAY 25th July 2023 (JUNIOR)
3:00, Co Armagh v FC America, The Warren, Portstewart
3:00, Co Down v Prospects2Pro Acad, The Heights, Coleraine
1:00, Co Antrim v Donegal Schools, Scroggy Road, Limavady
2:00, Co Fermanagh v Plymouth Arg, Chimney Corner, Antrim
3:00, Co Londonderry v Stevenage, Riada Stadium, Ballymoney
4:30, Co Tyrone v West Ham Utd, Anderson Park, Coleraine
4:00, Kilmarnock v Rangers, Scroggy Road, Limavady
3:00, St Mirren v Charlton Ath, Castlerock

WEDNESDAY 26th July 2023 (JUNIOR)
3:00, Co Armagh v Stevenage The Warren, Portstewart
2:00, Co Down v West Ham Utd, Scroggy Road, Limavady
3:00, Co Antrim v Rangers, Riada Stadium, Ballymoney
4:00, Co Fermanagh v Charlton Ath, Clough
3:00, Co Londonderry v FC America, Castlerock
3:00, Co Tyrone v Prospects2Pro Acad, Broughshane
3:00, Kilmarnock v Donegal Schools, The Heights, Coleraine
3:00, St Mirren v Plymouth Arg, Parker Avenue, Portrush

SuperCupNI 2022 Premier Section Winners Ipswich Town

7:00, Co Antrim v Co Tyrone, Broughshane
7:00, Co Down v Tigres Monterrey, Limavady Shgds
7:00, Co Armagh v Co Londonderry, Seahaven, Portstewart
7:00, Co Fermanagh v Ichifuna, The Heights, Coleraine
4:00, Northeast Rush v Newcastle Utd, Clough
7:00, Surf Select v Brighton & Hove Alb, Chimney Corner, Antrim
7:30, St Kevins v Rangers, Riada Stadium
3:00, Dundalk SL v Manchester Utd, Scroggy Road, Limavady

7:30, Co Antrim v Northeast Rush, Coleraine Showgrounds
7:00, Co Down v Surf Select Seahaven, Portstewart
7:00, Co Armagh v St Kevins FC, Broughshane
5:30, Co Fermanagh v Dundalk SL, Chimney Corner, Antrim
7:00, Co Tyrone v Newcastle Utd, The Heights, Coleraine
4:00, Tigres Monterray v Brighton & Hove Alb, Coleraine Showgrounds
7:00, Co Londonderry v Rangers, Limavady Shgds
7:00, Ichifuna v Manchester Utd, Riada Stadium, Ballymoney

7:00, Co Antrim v Newcastle Utd, Seahaven, Portstewart
6:30, Co Down v Brighton & Hove Alb, Parker Ave, Portrush
4:00, Co Armagh v Rangers, Anderson Park, Coleraine
3:00, Co Fermanagh v Manchester Utd, Coleraine Showgrounds
6:30, Co Tyrone v Northeast Rush, Broughshane
7:00, Tigres Monterray v Surf Select, Limavady Shgds
7:00, Co Londonderry v St Kevins FC, The Heights, Coleraine
6:30, Ichifuna v Dundalk SL, Castlerock

USA side Strikers FC at the Welcoming Ceremony for SuperCupNI 2022

The Tournament celebrating its 40th Anniversary will commence on Sunday 23rd July with the Parade of Competing teams in Coleraine followed by the Welcome Ceremony in Coleraine Showgrounds.

Games commence on Monday 24th July with Finals played on Friday 28th July and will be played in the Causeway Coast and Glens BC, Mid and East Antrim BC and Antrim and Newtownabbey BC areas.