Strikers vs Colina – Junior section match report

Jul 27, 2015 | Junior Section

Strikers started strongly, immediately threatening in the opening minutes of the game. However, when Colina did have possession and attempted to go on the counter attack they struggled with the slippery conditions. The Strikers’ defensive set up proved too strong early on with the first of many excellent saves by the Striker goalkeeper, David Calva. The end to end football which followed resulted in excellent attacking play by the Strikers number 17 Leamzy Valdez.  Whilst Colina’s number 11 Carlos Yanez and number 16 Alans Yanez linked up well just outside the box, Calva denied them the chance, comfortably saving a shot inside the box.

Not long into the first half Strikers number 9 Christian Djurasevic rifled in the first goal to send Strikers into the lead, following a free kick which Hernandez floated into the box, much to the delight of the Striker support and devastating the valiant efforts of the young Colina players.

Colina’s number 10 Patrico Romero did well to press for a chance, and his fine form only continued throughout the game, but he struggled to break through the solid Strikers defensive wall.

A free kick hurtled into the Striker goal by Sanz was again collected comfortably by Calva, whilst a powerful shot by Strikers number 11 Hernandez was rifled just over the bar.

Romero continued to inject pace into the game for the Chileans; superb defending from Striker’s number 13 Rosas denied them any real chance at goal.

Whilst link up from Martinez and Barker continued to threaten Colina, Strikers couldn’t add to their 1-0 lead going into half time.

The second half began much like the first, with a threatening Strikers side. Hernandez and Valdez skipping past the Colina defence only to be dispossessed in the box.

Colina’s number 5 Lira did extremely well to defend and clear numerous Strikers balls into the box and whilst their number 10 Romero pulled off a stunning tackle half way through the second half, nothing was going in Colina’s favour when Strikers second goal came.

Strikers Barker drove the ball into Duarte who only managed to hit the post, and following another strike at the post Barker managed to power in the second Striker goal to give them a comfortable lead in exhilarating fashion and even greater Striker fan cheers.

Despite defiant attempts to break through in the final minutes, nothing was enough to force Strikers to concede, and they won the game by 2 goals to 0.

Nicole McNicholl