Statement from Organising Committee – N. Ireland v Mexico

Jul 31, 2014 | Elite Section

After last evening’s disgraceful scenes at Coleraine Showgrounds in the game between Northern Ireland v Mexico, the Organising Committee of the Dale Farm Milk Cup have suspended Mexico players Carlos Alberto Arreola, Raul Manolo Gudino, and Kevin Rusel Gutierrez and Northern Ireland’s Robbie McDaid from taking any further part in the Tournament.

The Mexican FA and Irish Football Association will be informed of the behaviour of their Under 20 teams in what turned out to be a poor advertisement for soccer.

We would ask all teams to remember that they should be ambassadors for the game, their club and their country and appeal that they examine their behaviour and strive towards fulfilling the good intentions laid down in FIFA Fair Play.




After a further meeting of the disciplinary committee of the Dale Farm Milk Cup the following decisions have been made:

In addition to the automatic 1 match suspension
Carlos Alberto Arreola and
Kevin Rusel Gutierrez
both Mexico
have been suspended for an additional 3 games

Raul Manolo Gudino (Mexico) and
Robbie McDaid (Northern Ireland)
have been suspended for an additional 1 game.

These suspensions to be served in games for which they may be eligible in forthcoming matches played under the auspices of the Northern Ireland International Youth Football Tournament.

Notification of these decisions, as well as the referee’s report have been forwarded to the Mexican Football Association and the Irish Football Association.

These Associations may wish to forward the report to FIFA for further consideration.

31st July 2014