Southampton vs Liverpool – Junior section match report

Jul 30, 2015 | Junior Section

Tonight’s semi-final in Coleraine Showgrounds saw Southampton claim a 3-1 win over Liverpool.

Liverpool started off strongly with Curtis Jones skipping past the Southampton defence, which led to a scramble in the box which came to nothing.  Liverpool’s Abdi Sharif played his part in a solid defence whilst Liverpool’s clever Glen McCauley displayed his skill on the ball.  The first chance of the game, however, came from Southampton’s Jake Vokins, who saw his effort skim the post.

Southampton were handed their first goal of the game, when their fantastic no.11 Jake Vokins’ shot was deflected inwards on goal by the Liverpool keeper to send the young Southampton side in front.  And it wasn’t long before a dominant Southampton secured a wondrous second goal at the hands of Jonathan Afalabi, and in the blink of an eye, a collected Southampton side were in cruise control, boasting two goals to Liverpool’s nil.

Southampton claimed a third goal in the opening stages of the second half, when Jake Vokins swept a stunning shot in to seal Southampton’s pass to the finals in Ballymena.

The gutsy, young Liverpool side didn’t let their heads drop and Neco Williams pulled one back soon after.

Despite some last minute perseverance from Liverpool’s James Berry, William’s goal was to be the last of this gripping semi-final. Southampton progressed to the final after winning 3-1.

Nicole McNicholl